We kindly invite all fans of modeling to a new event, prepared in cooperation with the MK Čaňa 55 modeling club and the Košice Aviation Museum (part of Slovak Technical Museum Košice). The exhibniton will taje place in a aviation museum, with the contest tables placed directly in the museum premisies  together with the xposed exihibits (real scale airplanes and their parts).

During the show,  You can meet with different types of modeling - from plastic and paper models to functional RC models.

The event takes place under the auspices of the former slovak President Rudolf Schuster (who was also the driving force behind the creation of the museum and also donated a large part of its exhibits.)

Patronage of the event was also taken over by the members of the former aerobatic group Biele Albatrosy. The title of the event is a tribute to one of the members of this group - mjr.Ing. Ľuboš Nováček, who tragically died in an accident on June 3, 2000 during a flight on the air show in Sliac.
Members of the Biele Slbatrosy group will attend the event personally and hand over some of the awards.

Online registration ends at 7.6.2018 12.00. After that date, the registration will be possible at the beginning of the contest, 9.6.2018 between 9.00-11.00.






8.5.2018 - Information page launched






Categories divided by the age of contestants:
Pupils (up to 14 years):
A1. Aircraft and helicopters - propeller powered
A2. Aircraft - jet powered
A3. Military vehicles 1/72
A4. Military vehicles 1/35, 1/48
A5. Other models
A9. Dioramas - modellers up to 18 years
Juniors (15-18years):
A6. Aircraft and helicopters
A7. Military vehicles
A8. Other models
A9. Dioramas - modellers up to 18 years
Seniors (over 19 years):
B0. Aircraft in 1/144 scale and smaller
B1. Propeller powered aircraft 1/72
B2. Propeller powered aircraft 1/48
B3. Jet powered aircraft 1/72
B4. Jet powered aircraft 1/48, 1/32

B5. Aircraft 1/32
B6. Helicopters and autogyros (all scales)
C1. Military vehicles 1/72 on wheels (and half-tracked)
C2. Military vehicles 1/35 on wheels (and half-tracked)
C3. Military vehicles 1/72 on tracks
C4. Military vehicles 1/35 on tracks
C5. Military vehicles 1/48

D1. Dioramas - modellers up to 18 years
E1. Racing cars and Motorcycles
E2. Cars and Motorcycles - other
F1. Figures up to 75mm (including 75mm)
F. Figures larger than 75mm and Busts
G1. Ships

G2. Submarines

H1. Sci-fi and fantasy
H2. Other

Special categories:
S1. FISHBED Cup - MiG-21 all versions and all scales
S2. L29 & L-39 -all versions and all scales of L-29 Delfín a L-39 Albatros
Cardboard (paper) models:
Seniors (over 19 years):
P1. Cars and Motorcycles
P2. Aircraft and spacecraft
P3. Architecture
P4. Military vehicles
P5. Other
Žiacke a juniorské kategórie
P6. Juniors and Pupils (modellers up to 18 years) - Cars, Motorcycles and Military vehicles
P7. Juniors and Pupils (modellers up to 18 years) - Other


The contest is organized by:
MK Čaňa 55, STM - Múzeum letectva Košice, Klub plastikových modelárov Prešov
Place of the event:
Múzeum letectva Košice, Letisko Košice

The contest will take place directly in the museum, together with the real exhibits.

The entrance fee for the visitors - according to the price list of the museum tickets

All modellers with model entered in the contest or in the exhibition - free (there is also possibilty to park Your vehicle in the museum courtyard - limited by the parking capacity)

SATURDAY 9.6.2018


9:00 - 11:00 - Models check-in
10:00 - Opening of the contest for visitors

10:00 - 16.00 Models exhibition, movies, other accompanying events
11:00 - The oficial opening ceremony

11:00 - 14:00 Judging
15:00 - 15:30 The award ceremony

16:00 - The end of the contest - collection of the exhibited models

Members of the organising Clubs and the chosen modellers present on the contest
Models will be judged by entrusted modellers using comparison method. For each category, the judges, by their own experience and knowledge, will put models into order.
First three places in the categories A1-A9 and P1-P7
In the other categories the best model will be awarded. The rest of the chosen models will be awarded with the special award.
Exceptional models in the junior categories will be also awarded.
Contest rules:
Every competitor could enter any number of models (he could be also substituted by another modeller).
Individual contestants are eligible for only one award per category entered.
The organiser should split or join categories in case there will be too few or too many models entered in them.



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